GOP resists White House effort to change topics
May 31st, 2013
07:37 AM ET
9 years ago

GOP resists White House effort to change topics

Washington (CNN) - When President Barack Obama headed to the Jersey Shore this week to tout the recovery effort from Superstorm Sandy, congressional Republicans sought to keep the nation's focus on Washington.

On the same day Obama played "Touchdown Fever" with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the Point Pleasant boardwalk and urged Americans to come spend money in the devastated region, House GOP committee leaders ensured that a series of controversies dominating the start of the president's second term remained in the headlines.


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  1. Wake up People!

    The President has a job to do. I thought Congress did too but apparently I was wrong about that. All we heard for years was the economy, economy, economy. Now that it is getting better despite their best efforts to sabotage it, now they don't care about the economy. Nothing but hypocrites working harder than ever to take this administration down.

    Dems I hope you are paying attention and do the same exact thing to them when they regain power. And they will, with the help of the MSM.

    May 31, 2013 08:11 am at 8:11 am |
  2. Guess

    We know who to arm, really?, this last week should prove to alot of skeptics, obamas approach is far suuperior to the gop. they want war, dont care with who, or why, just as long as there is no bid government contracts

    May 31, 2013 08:17 am at 8:17 am |
  3. Thomas

    WMD's in Iraq .
    Obama is not American
    Bengazi is an other water gate

    Issa / Cruz
    Dick Nixion / Joseph McCarthy

    The do knothing congrees needs to find new jobs next year.

    May 31, 2013 08:46 am at 8:46 am |
  4. Rick McDaniel

    Obama seeks only one power.

    May 31, 2013 08:49 am at 8:49 am |
  5. jkane sfl the gop national disgrace party will be swept out like the trash they are in2014 ?

    It's more fun to watch the gop flounder and they have no credibility anyway except with the brain dead gop voters who are dying off ,see you in 2014 mid terms when the gop garbage of American party loses the house . Did you hear stock market values have increased 12 trillion dallars sence 2009 when Obama took office, sence the gop has done nothing sence then except hold 37 repeal obamacare votes I guess Obama should get all the credit . Oh yea,the gop keeps holding useless hearing at 1.5 million a pop of your money while they cry about the defict they caused !!!!!see you in 2014 gop losers !!!!

    May 31, 2013 08:56 am at 8:56 am |
  6. plain&simple

    Does one ever wake up from being stupid or bigots? No proof has been evident yet from the GOP!

    May 31, 2013 09:08 am at 9:08 am |
  7. Al-NY,NY

    and as the GOP continues to hammer these points home, the real people of america want to keep the economy going and get other real items done. This scandal-obsession of theirs is turning off anyone that has a brain and uses it. The sheep will say "ditto" as ordered but the rest of us say get over it

    May 31, 2013 09:09 am at 9:09 am |
  8. i don't belong to know party

    Obama should have been in my class the other day his jaw would have dropped. I labeled him as a worthless traitor. I had to give a presentation in class. but i spent 20 minutes answering questions. And almost everyone in the class wanted to ask a question. It was great. Obama may have a good word spin. But when it comes to the truth he seems to forget things. His speech writers are missing the boat. he got a thumbs down from the entire class. He is a looser. Teach him to make me mad because of all his race bashing.

    May 31, 2013 09:15 am at 9:15 am |
  9. enuff

    What is CNNs political agenda here? The President is following up on a disaster that hit the American PEOPLE and CNN is trying to portray the GOP as knights in armor pursing a dragon. What happened to "jobs, jobs, jobs"? Who is the one that is ACTUALLY changing the subject with all of these so-called investigations that so far have only resulted in a waste of taxpayer money?

    May 31, 2013 09:42 am at 9:42 am |