Republicans tie rivals to Obama's climate change push
June 26th, 2013
06:00 AM ET
10 years ago

Republicans tie rivals to Obama's climate change push

(CNN) - Republicans aren't wasting any time going after President Barack Obama over the aggressive climate change agenda he laid out Tuesday.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is putting money behind a slew of online ads linking vulnerable House Democrats to the president's renewed fight against carbon pollution.

Obama's proposals to put stricter regulations on coal-fired power plants will increase electricity rates, the Web ads argue. They direct viewers to call their representative and urge him or her to block the president's new push.

Targeted representatives in the new wave of ads include Collin Peterson of Minnesota, Ron Barber of Arizona, Dave Loebsack of Iowa, Rick Nolan of Minnesota, Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire, Pete Gallego of Texas and Nick Rahall of West Virginia.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is also hitting Democrats who are either up for re-election next year or may become candidates in the 2014 midterm elections.

Obama's proposals to enact new standards on existing power plants won strong acclaim among many environmentalists, but they spurred criticism from opponents who argue the move will hurt the coal industry and economy at large.

Republican reaction was also swift with the GOP's political arm in Virginia rolling out its claim of Obama's "war on coal." As part of the gubernatorial campaign, it quickly released a "robo call" initiative in the southwestern part of the state describing Democratic support for "job-killing policies."

- CNN's Ashley Killough, Paul Steinhauser and Peter Hamby contributed to this report.

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  1. S. B. Stein

    I guess it doesn't matter that we should be advancing technologies that produce electricity with little to no pollution. Where have they been? There is more in coal than energy. The Mercury and other contaminants hurt people; heavy metal poisoning decreases brain function; do these obstructionist have that? This is the US where we can develop anything; do they think that we can't develop more advanced fission power and more efficient renewable energy sources? If they don't, they don't have faith in the innovators here in the US.

    June 26, 2013 07:01 am at 7:01 am |
  2. Guest

    The shovel ready jobs are burying Amercians alive, thanks for nothing Oblabla.

    June 26, 2013 07:26 am at 7:26 am |
  3. Gurgyl

    Push for GREEN ENERGY. Can't you see the temperature change?? Are you blind?? Nonsense. Please do NOT cut Trees. Period.

    June 26, 2013 07:26 am at 7:26 am |
  4. dixie

    bam-bam will not change. Anything to make times harfer for this country is what he wants. Lets increase the power bills and cut afew thousand jobs with nothing to correct it and bt the way I'll be on vacation in Africa. My trip will only cost 100 million

    June 26, 2013 07:46 am at 7:46 am |
  5. Guess

    The lobbyists for big oil literally wrote our energy policies, dont think so, deepwater horizon anyone, they knew the well would likely blow, but tried anyway, all but killed the entire gulf, and what new regulations or policies were put into place? none on our behalf, but they did manage to pass legislation to limit their liability next time, keystone pipeline anyone?

    June 26, 2013 07:49 am at 7:49 am |