July 18th, 2013
03:05 PM ET
9 years ago

IRS inspector general: liberals also on target list

Washington (CNN) - The inspector general who reported Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups said Thursday that he didn't have information until last week that the word "progressive" also was on a list of criteria for extra scrutiny of tax-exempt applications.

At a hearing of the House Oversight Committee, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration J. Russell George said the information that liberal groups also were likely targeted only came to him on July 9.


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  1. Dixie

    The IRS was suppose to be independant. The fact that it was used for political gaines should scare anyone. The commity should stop the name calling and look at the facts and make call. Lay out the facts not their parties idea. It either was or wasn't doing wrong. If there is evidence take that to special prosicuter and be done with it.

    July 18, 2013 07:19 am at 7:19 am |
  2. onlyfacts

    And the winner is.... None of us! Unless the next congressional hearing is to investigate Issa's motives and honesty!

    July 18, 2013 07:42 am at 7:42 am |
  3. Southeast

    I think while they investigating the IRS , they need to be investigated, on why they get paid for doing nothing.

    July 18, 2013 08:02 am at 8:02 am |
  4. tom l.

    So odd that dems would have one finding and repubs another finding.

    July 18, 2013 08:19 am at 8:19 am |
  5. Rudy NYC

    They were supposed to have sat down to do this on Monday, if not Tuesday. I suspect that there have been some closed door tug-of-wars that have been resumed. Rep. Cummings is determined to make sure that Issa does not save face in this witch hunt. A word to the unwise, don't blame the Democrat because the Incredible was caught in a lie.

    July 18, 2013 08:28 am at 8:28 am |
  6. Lynda/Minnesota

    "Under tax law and IRS regulations, groups that primarily engage in political activity are ineligible for tax-exempt status."

    Perhaps instead of wasting energy with all the political back and forth bickering this is the time to change the law by adding more specification to the clause ... "primarily engage in political activity" ... which can (IMHO) be open to a no-harm-meant personal interpretation by IRS auditors.

    July 18, 2013 09:29 am at 9:29 am |
  7. Rick McDaniel

    The Dems are committing crimes within our government, and it is time to put a stop to those crimes.

    July 18, 2013 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  8. jpmichigan

    All American that can need to watch (if it is televised) and decide for ones self who is right and who is wrong. Don't believe what you read, watch the process>

    July 18, 2013 09:35 am at 9:35 am |