July 22nd, 2013
06:00 AM ET
10 years ago

‘Stop Hillary’ group ramps up anti-Clinton efforts

Washington (CNN) - Hillary Clinton may or may not run for president in 2016, but the conservative effort to derail her potential candidacy is already underway.

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The organizers behind Stop Hillary PAC, a political action committee quietly incorporated in May, are stepping into public view this week as they ramp up their efforts to harangue Clinton as she mulls over her political future.

On Monday, the PAC is announcing its leadership team, steered by Ted Harvey, a conservative Colorado state senator who was a vocal opponent of the recent gun control laws passed in the state.

Also coming on board are Garrett Marquis, a media strategist and alumnus of John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign; Alex Shively, a former aide to Georgia Rep. Tom Price; Jacob Leis, a Colorado-based political strategist; and Dan Backer, a Washington attorney and lobbyist.

Those aren’t the most prominent names in Republican politics, but according to Marquis, that’s just fine. The PAC and its messaging are designed to appeal to grassroots conservatives and low dollar contributors, not traditional big donors.

Put another way, the group wants to be a boisterous party-crasher as the 2016 campaign gets underway, ginning up controversy and online contributions with barbed attacks against Clinton. To start, the PAC is releasing a video later this week “that will get a lot of attention,” Marquis promised.

Former top Obama campaign aides to advise Clinton effort

The organization’s plans to “Stop Hillary” are admittedly scattershot in these early stages of the race. Their portfolio could include “bracketing” events at Clinton appearances around the country, or local TV and radio ads, or social media efforts. If Clinton does decide to run for office, the PAC will be in Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina waiting for her.

The point, Marquis said, is “to make noise” wherever Clinton goes.

“We’re supporting anything that is the opposite of Hillary,” he said. “We will play however needed, wherever Hillary is playing. If she endorses in the Virginia governor’s race, we will go there. Assuming she is active in Iowa, we will be there, too, and we will make some considerable noise.”

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The group is separate from “Stop Hillary 2016,” a project initiated last month by America Rising, a new opposition research outfit helmed by former Mitt Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades and a pair of former Republican National Committee officials.

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  1. JP Capadonna

    LMAO. Republicans are bullies. Just look at their name calling and ignorance in each of their posts. While I'm not the biggest fan of Hillary, she would do more good for this country than ANY of the right wingers out there. People who call themselves Republican ought to take a government class. They are simply repeating sound bytes and their ignorance is quite evident. Baaaahhhhhhhhh.

    July 23, 2013 02:25 am at 2:25 am |
  2. parker

    Are they that afraid of her they are already firing up the slander machine? She said she isn't running and they got their people working on trying to make her a commie monster Mideast loving criminal terrorist who wrecked family values and the economy. We already know about the skeletons in her closet. We know she isn't perfect. We know she hasn't had a conversation with God and He told her to run. That is about all the GOP is going to prove anyway. The GOP plan has not changed. Same old play book that does not work.

    July 23, 2013 03:33 am at 3:33 am |
  3. M.A.P.


    "Benghazi summary – Hillary lied, men died. Hillary doesn't care."

    Well what would we expect from an uninformed Republican Fox news fan? YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE BANGHAZI CASE. You are trying to make it sound like Hiliry caused the attack to take place – WRONG! The supposed "lies" that the extreme right wing are screaming about is simple taling points AFTER (yes, AFTER) the attack took place. The attack was condemmed and an investigation was launched. What the hell is your problem!?

    July 23, 2013 03:52 am at 3:52 am |
  4. skytag

    Republicans should be focusing on their own platform and conservative solutions to the challenges we face. Their continued focus on attacking Democrats tells me they have no solutions to offer.

    July 23, 2013 04:45 am at 4:45 am |
  5. trollol

    It seems they have reason to believe Hillary Clinton will win the election if she runs for presidency and they are worried.

    July 23, 2013 04:56 am at 4:56 am |
  6. Guest

    Everyone posting here who thinks that there won't be a "Stop Whoever" campaign for Every. Single. Person. that tries to run for President is a moron. This is what politics is now. It's not about showing you're the better candidate, it's about showing that your opponent is a worse one. This is not unique to Mrs. Clinton.

    July 23, 2013 05:09 am at 5:09 am |
  7. Birchwood

    Could this (her) be the Rasputin Effect in America, causing all this mayhem

    July 23, 2013 06:15 am at 6:15 am |
  8. Minnie Mouse

    Don't you think Mrs. Clinton deserves the benefit of doubt to first to let the country know if she will actually be running for president, before you plan to derail her campaign? What a waste of time, money and effort on your part for being impatient as a so called "Political Action Committee" which is already out numbered by millions of Americas. No one cares what you do, when you do it or what you action plans are because your not the ones running for potential president! You names will not be on the ballot.

    July 23, 2013 07:26 am at 7:26 am |
  9. ctnv

    When I find this sort of information against Hillary I am all the more committed to vote for her.

    July 23, 2013 07:32 am at 7:32 am |
  10. sonnie 2

    We don't need another clinton/ We need leadership from outside the washington beltway that is stuck in a sick state of being. Time to pay our bills and get the freeloaders of the government dole. No work no pay. Simple program and not hard to understand. Let's put all able bodied person to work and then we will feel proud to be Americans that support themselves.

    July 23, 2013 07:38 am at 7:38 am |
  11. DCKeene

    PAC? Seriously? What a waste of money. The same conservatives that scream and yell about the deficit and unemployment are wasting money on this to stop someone from running for office. Hypocrites abound on the right.

    July 23, 2013 07:39 am at 7:39 am |
  12. George Santosq

    While not a Clinton fan, as she the same as did with her husband, will never win my vote, it is hard to imagine how can she be any worse than President Obama.

    July 23, 2013 07:47 am at 7:47 am |
  13. liberal disease

    sounds like what Obama did to Mitt Romney, nothing new here..

    July 23, 2013 07:53 am at 7:53 am |
  14. Sam I am

    The people running this PAC are a bunch of political failures. They will spin up the righties and collect a lot of money. They will use some of that money to run TV ads in Conservative places that already hate Hillary. In short, much like Karl Rove did in 2012, these conservatives will spend tons of money telling other conservatives how bad Hillary is and how she can never win.

    Then, when the polls come out in 2016, showing Hillary up 10-12 points over Rand Paul (or whoever the righties run) they will spend a ton more money telling other Conservatives how the polls are full of liberal bias and how the race is really 50-50. When Hillary wins by 10-12 points and 70 million conservative dollars have been spent for nothing, there will be recriminations and 'soul searching.' In short, these people are a joke!

    July 23, 2013 07:56 am at 7:56 am |
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