July 28th, 2013
09:57 AM ET
10 years ago

More bad news for Weiner: Campaign manager quits

(CNN) - Days after Anthony Weiner admitted to lewd chats with women online, his campaign manager quit, Weiner and his campaign said Sunday.

Danny Kedem's departure is the latest sign Weiner's New York City mayoral bid is struggling amid allegations of online sexual impropriety. After the chats and photographs became public Tuesday, a poll showed him dropping to second place among Democratic candidates for mayor and his favorable numbers plummeting.

"Danny has left the campaign," Weiner told CNN affiliate NY1. "He did a remarkable job."

Praising the "excellent staff" remaining in his organization, Weiner said more volunteers had flocked to his bid in the last few days than at any point since his campaign began.

"This isn't about the people working on the campaign, it's about the people that we're working for," he said.

Kedem, a 31-year-old operative who previously worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, declined comment in an e-mail to CNN.

Weiner first acknowledged Tuesday that he did not stop sending raunchy online chats to women when he left Congress in 2011. That resignation was prompted by allegations from several women that Weiner had sent them lewd photographs of himself.

Speaking at a news conference Thursday, the Democrat said he couldn't say for sure how many more women might come forward.

"There are a few. I don't have a specific number for you," Weiner said.

Pressed to provide a guess as to how many online relationships occurred after his resignation, Weiner said, "I don't believe I had any more than three."

He has resisted calls from his rivals to withdraw from the mayor's race, saying the decision of whether he's trustworthy enough for the job should be up to voters.

His chief rival for the Democratic nomination, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, stopped short of calling for his withdrawal from the mayor's race Sunday but lambasted his actions as generating further distrust in government.

"I think it's become very clear that former Congress member Weiner has a pattern of reckless behavior, an inability to tell the truth and a real lack of maturity and responsibility," Quinn said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "I don't think he should be mayor, and I think voters, if he stays in the race, will make that very clear."

On Friday, Weiner indicated he may stop answering questions altogether about his online relationships.

"There's going to reach a point fairly soon that I'm going to say I think I've said enough about it, and I'm going to keep just talking about other things," he told reporters on Staten Island.

CNN's Chris Kokenes and Ashley Killough contributed to this report.

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  1. Tim

    He was overheard saying , "Wiener was too much to handle. If [he] could have straightened Weiner out, none of this would have been necessary."

    I'm here all week.

    July 28, 2013 11:19 am at 11:19 am |
  2. Ramapi Blankfelding

    Derek: If Mark Sanford tried to promote "family values" he'll be seen as a hypocrite. But did Weiner promote "family values"?

    July 28, 2013 11:20 am at 11:20 am |
  3. harnof48

    He would be ( is) an embarrassment to any public office.
    Isn't this the 2nd time he has done this?
    He doesn't need psychological help, he needs decent moral character and that takes a lifetime.

    July 28, 2013 11:24 am at 11:24 am |
  4. Bill Davis

    Maybe now his wife will quit him too.

    July 28, 2013 11:27 am at 11:27 am |
  5. Joe

    He can run for office after cheating on his pregnant wife but Paula Deen loses everything? Sexist world we still live in.

    July 28, 2013 11:28 am at 11:28 am |
  6. leah

    Weiner's got a very destructive addiction. Best advice to him is to get some help...and quit parading his wife out making excuses for him.

    July 28, 2013 11:32 am at 11:32 am |
  7. tutuvabene

    He was all moxy and no substance, so he had nothing to fall back on with the lewd revelations.

    July 28, 2013 11:42 am at 11:42 am |
  8. Name

    Weiner, go home and let your wife run for Mayor!

    July 28, 2013 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  9. Diane Zodikoff

    Werner' mind isn't on work . His manager got it. Wiener's wife needs guidance regarding wife abuse.

    July 28, 2013 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  10. Brooks

    Still in second place???? Maybe New York deserves him.

    July 28, 2013 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  11. Paul

    So let me get his straight, A guy who has good ideas and in most ways would appear a prime candidate for a public office would be rejected, scolded and forced to not run because in private he likes to talk dirty with a woman in a chatroom or show dirty pictures.. Something most of these people would secretly enjoy just as much.. How did that man put it some 2000 years ago; He that is without sin throw the first stone..

    The hypocrisy of the US in general at its best.

    July 28, 2013 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  12. Ernie

    I'm not saying his campaign is hopeless – maybe the other two main contenders will end up being arrested for smuggling nuclear weaponry to al-qaeda and international distribution of child pornography/snuff films made in their basements.

    July 28, 2013 11:46 am at 11:46 am |
  13. Bonechips

    Sounds like a republican to me. Needs to switch parties.

    July 28, 2013 11:47 am at 11:47 am |
  14. Freedom Storm

    So soon?

    July 28, 2013 11:48 am at 11:48 am |
  15. Ike

    His house of cards is crumbling. He needs to drop out of the mayoral race.

    July 28, 2013 11:51 am at 11:51 am |
  16. Biff

    Why should we care? Not everyone lives in NYC you know...

    July 28, 2013 11:52 am at 11:52 am |
  17. Carlos Danger

    This guy is more perverted than a televangelist or disgraced former Republican Speaker of the House.

    July 28, 2013 11:53 am at 11:53 am |
  18. taxweary

    Really he quit ..I wonder why? hmm

    July 28, 2013 11:54 am at 11:54 am |
  19. Elliotu

    There is another solution for Weiner. Obviously he cannot deny that he has this problem so what is the solution. He can admit that what he did was not illegal, his wife is ok with it and he can offer that after he becomes mayor of NYC he will have a private website where he will parade his family jewels every night of the week for a campaign contribution. He may even be able to post news about the city underneath a picture of himself in the nude. This would make for a very exciting city of New York.

    July 28, 2013 11:54 am at 11:54 am |
  20. Ted Ward

    Wiener's tone deaf arrogance, betrayal, poor example, and immorality is an insult to both the office he seeks and the people it serves. The people of NYC deserve far better. Wiener must immediately withdraw in order that the New York mayoral race can be about leadership and issues, and not a tacky circus bound to only increase public cynicism and distrust.

    July 28, 2013 11:54 am at 11:54 am |
  21. dzerres

    The issue is not that he texted or sexted – who cares – the issue is his continuing to lie about it even after he got caught the last time. We have enough lying what with Fox News and most of Congress – why vote for someone you know can't tell the truth?

    July 28, 2013 11:56 am at 11:56 am |
  22. steve

    Sad story. Good politician with obvious psychiatric problems. Many other good politicians with psychiatric problems are not so obvious.

    July 28, 2013 11:57 am at 11:57 am |
  23. Dnice12

    It's funny how people are numb to politicians and their lack of leadership when it comes to their personal lives. If you don't think he would be a walking law suit if elected you also need your head examined.

    July 28, 2013 11:59 am at 11:59 am |
  24. Chett

    Paul, You can use the "He That is without sin" with a Hitler...That doesn't mean people should keep their mouths shut. The man is running for PUBLIC office, meaning that he should not only have great idea's but should be a role model as well. Plus there are other people in the fold that have good ideas with better manners. Kinda like saying "this car gets 38 MPG who care's if it doesn't have seat belts" All while ignoring the 14 other models that also get 38 MPG.

    July 28, 2013 11:59 am at 11:59 am |
  25. Lainie11

    He served in congress for 12 years and passed only one bill, which placated a supporter of his. He's an immoral pig and should be relegated to the pen. Huma should release him to his slaves, the internet.

    July 28, 2013 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
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