October 17th, 2013
07:48 AM ET
8 years ago

3 reasons not to celebrate the shutdown deal

(CNN) - It took more than two weeks, but Congress finally reached a shutdown-ending, debt ceiling-raising deal that satisfies both sides of the aisle.

Or maybe it doesn't. Who can tell in this flurry of gamesmanship and posturing?


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  1. Rudy NYC

    1. The Tea Party has their own version of how they achieved a victory.
    2. The Tea Party still holds the Republican establishment in thrall.
    3. The Tea Party sees an opportunity to do it all over again in three months.

    October 17, 2013 08:06 am at 8:06 am |
  2. smith

    The three reasons not to celebrate are dems, repubs, and the potus. However, I guess this is democracy at work. Better than a dictatorship.

    October 17, 2013 08:21 am at 8:21 am |
  3. Rick McDaniel

    There is nothing there, but giving Obama the power to continue to squander our tax dollars, and increase our debt, in any way he chooses.

    This President is running amok.

    October 17, 2013 08:53 am at 8:53 am |
  4. Larry in Houston

    the biggest reason is that it cost the taxpayer & voters Billions, with a "B"

    October 17, 2013 08:54 am at 8:54 am |