Issa issues another subpoena on Obamacare website
November 8th, 2013
09:14 PM ET
9 years ago

Issa issues another subpoena on Obamacare website

(CNN) – House Oversight Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa has issued another subpoena in the GOP’s assault on the disastrous rollout of, this time summoning the chief White House technology officer to testify.

The White House has resisted congressional Republicans’ efforts to speak to Todd Park, chief technology officer in the Office of Science and Technology Policy, saying that he’s too busy trying to fix the online exchanges. The resistance has infuriated Republicans, finally resulting in Issa’s subpoena, which calls on Park to testify on Wednesday.

Issa issues new IRS subpoena

“Your unwillingness to appear before the committee continues an unfortunate pattern of the current administration when it comes to matters of transparency and Congressional oversight,” Issa writes in a letter to Park released to the media.

Democrats have accused the California Republican of attacking Obamacare for purely political reasons, arguing that he has selectively leaked administration notes on the website’s rollout that make it look particularly calamitous while withholding other documents.

Issa has maintained he’s interested only in the truth.

House committee subpoenas Sebelius over health website woes

Responding to Park’s assertions that he was too busy to testify, Issa notes in the letter “that since the October 1 launch, you have found time to talk with media outlets about the site’s failure.” Park is quoted in a New York Times article dated October 7.

The American people deserve answers, Issa writes. “Reliable testimony about the status of efforts to address problems with is highly relevant to ongoing concerns about security vulnerabilities,” Issa said.

The testimony is also important to Republican efforts to allow Americans to be able to keep their health insurance plans that do not meet the minimum coverage standards required by the health care law, Issa said.

–CNN’s Bryan Koenig contributed to this report.

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  1. Debbie

    Issa issues another subpoena...and why is a twice convicted car thief on any committee? Why waest more tax dollars on another hearing that solves nothing. It's not criminal its a very poor executed website that tech should a) be fined for not producing and then every fired. Issa is a thief not trust worthy and wastes tax dollars.

    November 8, 2013 09:32 pm at 9:32 pm |
  2. Sammy

    Issa along with Boehner are the Hitlers of this nation. They think doing nothing gets them applause. It is time the voters elect DEMOCRATS who will work for the people and not continue to block the work of the government.

    November 8, 2013 09:36 pm at 9:36 pm |
  3. Winston Smith

    Just more money spent in the pursuit of headlines.

    November 8, 2013 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  4. CAWinMD

    Of course. Republicans only want the truth - from the guy who's trying to fix the problems, so now he has to stop fixing problems in order to get his testimony together, go in front of a committee and get brow-beaten by people who don't have clue 1 about anything he's going to talk about.

    Why do Republicans hate America?

    November 8, 2013 10:22 pm at 10:22 pm |
  5. Tampa Tim

    Issa promised he would keep investigations going until he found something to investgate. Cretin comes to mind. He voted to shut down government and default, so he should investigate his sorry self.

    November 8, 2013 10:30 pm at 10:30 pm |
  6. California

    Democrats love lying hence why they love Obama.

    November 8, 2013 11:18 pm at 11:18 pm |
  7. don in albuquerque

    More wasted money after more wasted money. Issa is a total waste of food. I understand he is the richest man in congress so maybe he should pay some of this wasted money out of his own pocket.

    November 9, 2013 12:26 am at 12:26 am |
  8. Thomas

    Issa read this !
    Duped by a convincing liar. “There are people in the world who try to deceive others,” he said.
    Mr. Davies had already told his employer, the security firm Blue Mountain, that he never appeared at the mission the night of the attack, and the firm had prepared an incident report with that information. Mr. Davies contended that he had not created or approved the incident report and that he had needed to lie to his employer because he had defied orders to remain at his villa.Benghazi, Libya. On Thursday night it was disclosed that the official, Dylan Davies, had provided a completely different account in interviews with the F.B.I., in which he said he never made it to the mission that night.

    November 9, 2013 01:32 am at 1:32 am |
  9. Thomas

    Issa , grand theft ato made him a very wealthy guy !

    He should be on Jay Leno .

    November 9, 2013 01:38 am at 1:38 am |
  10. J.V.Hodgson

    His oversight committee has neither the expertise or knowledge to do anything constructive towards getting the site running properly and everything to do with trying to slow down the process of improvement underway by the administration.
    He will keep him off the job for at least a full day and achieve nothing... other than maybe adding some technical facts to what actually was not done well enough . Everyone Knows that already
    I want to understand the benefit he hope to bring to the process of web site improvement and not merely delay puhleeze!!

    November 9, 2013 04:03 am at 4:03 am |
  11. Marie MD

    First, Californians actually voted for a car thief to represent them. Shame on them.
    Second, this guy is trying to grandstand over everything anti Obama. It's getting tiresome and we have lost all respect for him and his minions.
    Third, how about a hearing about the $24 BILLION that the teaklans have cost the government. Why they had to shut down the government and have millions of federal workers and people who depend on them on a "two week" unpaid vacation?
    Fourth, the teaklans and repugs who bow to them need to go in the next elections. McAuliffe won, while not by that much, in an off/odd election year. The teaklans still don't get that women. Hispanics and anyone with half a brain don't believe a thing they say anymore as they continue to take away all our rights under the name of their god and jesus who are probably having a stroke somewhere up in heaven!

    November 9, 2013 08:55 am at 8:55 am |
  12. Data Driven

    But what about Benghazi, Darrell?

    November 9, 2013 10:42 am at 10:42 am |
  13. Independent Voter

    Issa is an idiot.... He only cares about his political agenda, and nothing more!

    November 9, 2013 10:50 am at 10:50 am |
  14. James

    The health care act has to work, finally people like myself can start their own little one man business and not have to worry about going bankrupt due to a medical emergency. The corporations know due this bill they will not be able to blackmail employees because they cannot afford medical insurance for their family.

    November 9, 2013 10:51 am at 10:51 am |