December 22nd, 2013
01:45 PM ET
9 years ago

Millennial lawmakers: Congressional leadership afraid to lead

(CNN) – Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Illinois, said Sunday that leaders in Washington are afraid to veer from their party bases to actually lead.

Schock also said that younger members of Congress are less "ideologically strident" and more eager to solve the United States' problems.

"Right now, our leadership, on both sides of the aisle, in both chambers, are a bit challenged at being leaders because they're so concerned about their ideological base," Schock said, appearing with Gabbard on CNN's "State of the Union."

"Both Democrat and Republican leaders right now are worried about being right-flanked and left-flanked out by their respective bases."

Schock and Gabbard formed the Congressional Future Caucus to bring together 40 members of Congress under the age of 40, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, to find commonality on issues.

"(Leaders are) afraid to be what their title says, which is a leader," the Illinois Republican said, adding that if the group can rally members of Congress behind an initiative, leaders like Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will have more leeway to compromise on legislation.

"We're not willing to sit around and wait for another 20 or 30 years to be in a position of seniority and to actually be able to do things, but to find out how do we kind of create the pressure points, both from within," Gabbard said.

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  1. Rick McDaniel

    B.S. Obama has total control of the Congress. No one in Congress has any power whatsoever.

    December 22, 2013 01:52 pm at 1:52 pm |
  2. Tampa Tim

    Bipartisan bills from the senate, sent to the house never get an up or down vote unless Boehner says so. Thus, nothing gets done, unless it is about repealing reproductive rights or repealing Obamacare. Anything else would interfere with happy hour.

    December 22, 2013 01:56 pm at 1:56 pm |
  3. Winston Smith

    They're afraid of their jobs. They have debts and know damn good and well they are no better than the people they are trying to lord over. The congress of this nation needs to be sent packing and the sooner the better. This pack of do nothing creeps are hindering the progress of the recovery, and they are doing so just to make the executive branch and the senate fight like hell to do the right thing. The party with the appointed president is totally responsible for the dire predicament you're all in today. Admit this fact to yourselves, and move on down the road. Till that time comes you do not have any respect coming at all.

    December 22, 2013 02:06 pm at 2:06 pm |
  4. Guest

    Man I can't wait until Baby Boomers from both parties are gone from politics. They have spent every dollar me, my kids and my grandkids will ever pay in taxes on themselves.

    December 22, 2013 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
  5. SweetBrownSugarmama

    They are not afraid to lead they just simply can not gather themselves after losing to a black man twice. They will never except Obama as President and they think by blocking all of his policies and programs they will make him seem incapable but it is and will continue to backfire onto them, letting the world see them for the rich white racist they are the GOP.

    December 22, 2013 02:35 pm at 2:35 pm |
  6. Tampa Tim

    If Jack Daniels would promise Boehner some Tennessee sipping whiskey if he did his job, we might get something done.

    December 22, 2013 02:52 pm at 2:52 pm |
  7. don in albuquerque

    What leadership?

    December 22, 2013 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  8. Anonymous

    I saw these two and they are so naive. If they don't want to wait "20-30 years", my guess is they won't have to
    worry about it.........they will be gone.

    December 22, 2013 04:44 pm at 4:44 pm |
  9. rs

    Rick McDaniel
    B.S. Obama has total control of the Congress. No one in Congress has any power whatsoever.
    So, in your world, the President is behind Mr. McConnell's 450 filibusters to halt his own bills and appointees?!
    That's original thinking!

    December 22, 2013 06:22 pm at 6:22 pm |
  10. Amazing

    These members of Congress are dead on in their analysis. Note that they represent both major political parties!

    December 22, 2013 07:26 pm at 7:26 pm |
  11. Gurgyl

    Horrible congress..

    December 22, 2013 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |
  12. J.V.Hodgson

    Lots of could care bloody less, and no joy of life in either of our current political parties politicians. the problem they don't seem to get what the nation of today wants, needs, and you have to be genius or at least capable of discussion and compromise when you talk about things in a totally different environment than the founding fathers set things up
    What would they now do is unfathomable, and sticking to the strict interpretation a fatally flawed idea, because to stare the obvious
    Crime scene DNA can only be proved by getting yours from somewhere somehow.
    Meta data can link you to crime, and other facts proved brought to light.
    Big difference ??
    maybe, I am not sure, but absolutely sure the founding fathers would not have even envisioned DNA evidence or the ways it can be tracked to any individual.
    What happened is we changed the technology and then the laws of evidence, gathering to make better evidential needs for either conviction or total clearance of the wrongly convicted.
    Stop the Drama... think and act reasonably.

    December 23, 2013 12:38 am at 12:38 am |
  13. ladies first

    millenia will bring in Fresh ideas as sure as the Sun & Moon rise every day

    December 23, 2013 03:45 am at 3:45 am |

    The Guns Over People tea potty wingnut typical misdirect because Americans are on to them after they shut down the people's government AND they voted to destroy the full faith and credit of America.

    December 23, 2013 05:30 am at 5:30 am |
  15. Marie MD

    Some millenials think the world owes them everything and they look at the world from their perspective of twitter, facebook and mommy and daddy will provide because we can't do wrong.
    Then again, we do need bipartisanship that we used to have in congress. They fought like mad during the day for their beliefs then could put it all aside and go to dinner or out for a drink after work.

    December 23, 2013 06:32 am at 6:32 am |