Political Circus: Keeping it classy...
March 21st, 2014
01:53 PM ET
9 years ago

Political Circus: Keeping it classy...

(CNN)— Take the free-for-all nature of social media, add the oft-mean spirited commentary that punctuates political circles and you have a recipe for petty online smackdowns.

Conservative commentators Dana Loesch's and Meghan McCain's online back and forth devolved into an hours-long, Twitterverse brawl on the derogatory nature of (drumroll please)… political brawls.

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Their Twitter feud started with a jab at blonds.

Then it just kept going.

And going...

Some 27 Tweets and more than six hours later, the two pundits weren’t even frenemies anymore.

Tweet Love

On the other hand, it was all good vibes and TweetLove after Democratic New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker’s dinner with Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at Bistro Bis recently.
“First of all, he’s a Texas meat-eating cowboy, I’m a Jersey boy, vegetarian, so choosing the restaurant alone…” Booker said Thursday on “Good Day New York” when asked about his dinner with Cruz.
See the bromance unfold here:

Booker suggested the red state senator partake in some greener fare.

That bad, huh?

Kentucky senator and potential 2016 presidential contender Rand Paul says the GOP is a lot like the pizza crust Domino’s peddled for years: Tough to chew and devoid of flavor, according to its critics.

The finger

Rahm Emanuel is known as a tough customer in political circles.

But when a recent photo showed the Chicago mayor and former Obama chief of staff displaying his middle finger to the idea that people can go without health coverage – it wasn’t what you might think.

Emanuel actually lost part of his right middle finger in an accident in high school.

The picture was retweeted by the President and is a part of the administration’s effort to enlist big names in a big push to enroll more people in Obamacare with the March 31st deadline for doing so fast approaching.

Go ‘head, get it congressman!

And to end the weekend on a “Happy” note, check out 74-year-old Civil Rights icon and Congressman John Lewis, D-Georgia, doing the damn ‘thang as he grooves to Pharrell’s latest hit.


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