Obama: Congress 'least productive' in modern history
April 10th, 2014
12:15 AM ET
7 years ago

Obama: Congress 'least productive' in modern history

(CNN) –President Barack Obama didn't mince words about Congress and the opposition during a speech at a Houston dinner Wednesday evening.
"This has become the least productive Congress in modern history, recent memory," Obama said at the Texas dinner, according to media pool reports. The event was closed to cameras.

Obama spoke to about 60 people at a Democratic fundraiser at the home of John Eddie and Sheridan Williams.

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He made a reference to the Paycheck Fairness Act of 2014. Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked a Democratic-backed proposal that aims to even the pay gap between men and women.

GOP members argued there are already laws against pay discrimination and the act would lead to government interference in the workplace.

"Apparently, a lot of Republicans during debate said this idea of gender pay gap is a fantasy - it's not real," Obama said. "Every individual makes other choices; very rarely do they make the choice to get paid less for same job. This is just one example of the scores of issues that are critical to advancing the country's future which not only is the other side blocking progress, but they're not even offering an alternative vision."

Obama asked the crowd to take the upcoming midterm elections as seriously as any election.

"They not be as sexy or get as much publicity, but it's as important to the future of our children and grandchildren as anything we'd do."

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  1. John

    Congress: President least productive ever.

    April 10, 2014 08:57 am at 8:57 am |
  2. Alan S.

    It appears the GOPs mindset is reminiscent of that a hundred years ago when women had a legal status of property of either their father, husband, uncle or the state. The could not own real property, vote or have a bank account. The fact that these Neanderthals have women casting votes in favor for them is an mystery and either these women are in some fantasy land or they are stuck in the past and vote as their husbands do and don't have a mind or personality of their own. They are the robots of the men the married and that is not what marriage is about.

    April 10, 2014 08:59 am at 8:59 am |
  3. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    The art of the deal making.
    I always grieved the death of Sen Kennedy because he was THIS President's "negotiator".
    Ted was the man that knew where everyone's bones and skeletons were hidden.
    I sincerely believe that had he lived longer a lot more would've been accomplished or at least less would've been blocked by this do-nothing Congress.
    The threat that Kennedy posed of having your s hit exposed if a mutually beneficial agreement was not reached betweeen the two Parties would've been the deal closer.
    That's the way to get things done in Washington IMO.
    it is a give and take but you gotta have dirt on the person you're dealing with in order to force them to give in and to take, it seems to me.
    The President just didn't have "the goods" on some of these good-for-nothings to get them to deal with him.

    April 10, 2014 09:00 am at 9:00 am |
  4. Marty

    I agree Congress has not been productive. I also think the Obama administration has been the most polarizing in many years. I do think it is time for the States to convene a Constitutional Convention and have a term limit amendment, balanced budget amendment and return the election of Senators back to the States.

    April 10, 2014 09:15 am at 9:15 am |
  5. Wake Up People! Many Rivers to cross.....

    Mr. President, your mere presence in the Oval Office drives them crazy. They can't believe the people voted for you twice. And the fact that you're not stereotypical is what is really driving them over the edge. They have been doing absolutely nothing since 2009, except looking for the proverbial elephant in the strawberry patch. Thank you for being you! Stay strong and classy Mr. President and know, no matter what polls say, MANY people adore you now more than ever! Thank you so much for being the class act you are!

    April 10, 2014 09:19 am at 9:19 am |
  6. ChrisM

    Yep, this Congress is the least productive and the rwnjs here and on fake fox news are still trying to blame it on the President. And anyone that cant see that is blinded by their hatred. Please Americans vote the obstructive and destructive rwnjs out of office asap.

    April 10, 2014 09:25 am at 9:25 am |
  7. Gunderson

    Aw, So,
    Sticking ye foot in your mouth again I see. Go take a Flying Leap off the Empire State Building. The American people don't want to Re-Invent the Soviet Union. Only the Liberals and now Progressives. The Framers gave us a Constitution. All we have to do is abide by it. Those that fail to learn from History are bound to repeat it.

    April 10, 2014 09:26 am at 9:26 am |
  8. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    Bill Clinton could've stepped in and helped THIS President out more than he has because Bill's been around (in more ways than one) and he had to deal with some of these turds elected office.
    Yet I am of the opinion that Bill was not completely "in".
    I recall some of the stuff that he said during the campaign in regards to THIS President, and even though he was made to put himself in check he wasn't about to clear the path or give up state secrets to assist THIS President.
    He did just enough but nto as much as he could have I believe.
    As an outsider looking in this is what I'm perceiving.

    April 10, 2014 09:27 am at 9:27 am |
  9. Ddtgwt

    Obama is not a leader and has been the most racist divisive president in our history.

    April 10, 2014 09:28 am at 9:28 am |
  10. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    Go take a Flying Leap off the Empire State Building
    After you....sir.

    April 10, 2014 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  11. MaryM

    To: Congress and especially republicans . The majority of Americans are watching you and what you are refusing to do to help Americans in need. You will be voted out of office, I guarantee it!!

    April 10, 2014 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  12. sonny chapman

    1-Gerrymandering of Congressional Districts. 2-Fox News. TOO Much 1st Amendment Rights w/out Good Manners & Karl Rove/Lee Atwater "Take No Prisoners" Political Philosophy.

    April 10, 2014 09:34 am at 9:34 am |
  13. Lynda/Minnesota

    "They not be as sexy or get as much publicity, but it's as important to the future of our children and grandchildren as anything we'd do."

    I'd like to think that my granddaughters won't have to keep fighting gender equality battles that have been fought time and again ... but, you know; with this crop of congressionals, I'm not so sure my granddaughters won't be pulled back into the abyss.

    When Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the party, I'm not filled with optimism for either the future of the GOP or my granddaughters future standing in America.

    April 10, 2014 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  14. salty dog

    I am literally amazed by how blinded many are, they hate so much, their wiling to subscribe to the gop mentality. How does more money straight to the top 1% help all? They want you to believe its good for the government, good for them, and even better for you, and how many suckers buy it, too many. The top tax rate is gone way down, loopholes for the rich and big business are going up, record inequality, yet more if

    April 10, 2014 09:41 am at 9:41 am |
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