Benghazi panel will have 7 Republicans, 5 Democrats
May 6th, 2014
06:11 PM ET
6 years ago

Benghazi panel will have 7 Republicans, 5 Democrats

Updated 8:24 p.m. ET, 5/6/2014

(CNN) - House Republicans have decided the select committee to investigate the Benghazi terror attack will include seven Republicans and five Democrats, according to two senior House GOP leadership aides.

The House is expected to vote on the legislation establishing the panel later this week.

Earlier Tuesday, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi demanded it be evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.

Now that the committee's structure has been decided, it's unclear whether Democrats will participate.

After a meeting among Democratic leaders, several sources in the room said their biggest concern is not about having fewer members, but having an equal say in how the panel will be run - especially regarding subpoena power.

Democrats said they plan to give Republicans a set of principles for how they would want the process to work, but privately don't expect them to go along with it. That would make it highly unlikely they would participate.

Rep. Jim Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, told reporters he's "dead set" against members of his party participating in any panel that isn't modeled on the House Ethics Committee, which is evenly split.

Asked about concerns that Republicans would go unchallenged without Democrats on the committee, Clyburn said, "Let them drive it, they're driving it anyway - not bringing a noose to my hanging."

Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 House Democrat, said "we did want it to be evenly split but we don't know the process that they are going to go through and we want to find that out."

Four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, were killed in the September 2012 armed assault on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, which is in eastern Libya.

House Speaker John Boehner said last week that he would form the select committee after Republicans said new information unearthed by a conservative watchdog group supported their claim that the Obama administration politicized its public response to the attack.

The White House said that development had nothing to do with Benghazi. Democrats have been sharply critical overall of the Republican-led investigation in the House.

Benghazi has become a partisan political flashpoint overall in Washington over President Barack Obama's conduct of foreign policy.

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  1. Harold Read

    The Dems that signed up for this commission are racist, domestic T3rrorists, traitors!
    If you oppose the Obama administration, you are a traitor!!!

    May 6, 2014 09:34 pm at 9:34 pm |
  2. dmf

    The 2012 Benghazi terrorists attacks on U. S. Consulate , resulted in killings of four U. S. personnel including U. S. envoy for Libya . The GOP House 's Select Committee on Benghazi 's tragic and sad events , would in more likelihood is destined to a stalemate , led by political gamesmanship in Congress , before 2014 mid – term – elections . Why now ? Leader Pelosi 's demands of equal representation , not 7 Republicans and 5 Democrats in the House , and several precedence 's set by select committees on similar controversies in the past , would for do – nothing and dysfunctional -113th – Congress once again become a sheer waste of time paid by helpless Tax payers ! What a shame . The U. S. expects every one to do their duty .

    May 6, 2014 10:01 pm at 10:01 pm |
  3. Robert

    Democrsats need to obstruct truth. That is the liberal way

    May 6, 2014 10:11 pm at 10:11 pm |
  4. S. B. Stein

    Why are we doing this all over again? I don't think that the GOP will find anything but what they want to find.

    May 6, 2014 10:44 pm at 10:44 pm |
  5. Norma jean

    Whenever the Republicans run out of something to make themselves look and feel important....... they go off the deep end....reach out in all directions to find something that they can yell about....even if it has already been investigated and understood by the people involved which was not the Repubs . Now they are going back to the Bengazi episode which was well aired and information destibuted to the people in charge.on a "need to know" basis.......this did not and does not include them........but they are out to make a big noise in hopes someone will notice them..........We all know they do this ....we've seen it over and over.....well as the sayting goes"HERE THEY GO AGAIN"".

    May 6, 2014 11:05 pm at 11:05 pm |
  6. Iamnotfooled

    Yep ISSA is a crook. 7 to 5 ? They might as well just give the outcome already. We know what it will be.

    May 7, 2014 01:34 am at 1:34 am |
  7. Thomas

    I hope Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), House Judiciary Committee Chairman … gets it right the third time .

    May 7, 2014 01:57 am at 1:57 am |
  8. bill

    another case of the fox guarding the hen house

    May 7, 2014 04:23 am at 4:23 am |
  9. mike

    How much will this panel cost us?

    May 7, 2014 04:34 am at 4:34 am |
  10. Marie MD

    That's a fair deal 7 crazy haters vs 5 Democrats.
    What could go wrong with something that has been beaten to death nine times, I believe?
    They should be looking, or not, after all the deaths during the shrub's #43 administration. Where were they then?

    May 7, 2014 06:31 am at 6:31 am |
  11. @RI_Roger

    Is there any precedence of a Democratic Select Committee created with equal numbers of Republicans? .... just asking.

    May 7, 2014 06:35 am at 6:35 am |
  12. ghostwriter

    7-5 split? Do they even want to try to pretend to be impartial?

    May 7, 2014 07:21 am at 7:21 am |
  13. Dems in PA

    Well; as a JFK democrat / Ronald Reagan democrat; I’d have none of the current democrats on the select committee. This version of the Democratic Party is the most useless I have ever seen; useless in history.

    May 7, 2014 07:23 am at 7:23 am |
  14. quinLee

    6 and 6 would have been better

    May 7, 2014 07:37 am at 7:37 am |
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