June 29th, 2014
01:58 PM ET
8 years ago

Obama to request billions to deal with border crisis

(CNN) – President Barack Obama will ask Congress on Monday for emergency funds, possibly more than $2 billion, as the United States grapples with a surge of undocumented children and adults crossing the border from Mexico.

A White House official told CNN the money will go to securing appropriate space for the detention of children but also stemming the tide of immigrants. The government hopes to increase its ability to investigate and dismantle smuggling organizations as well as quickly return children and adults to their home countries if they do not qualify for asylum.

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Little-known law allows abused immigrant children to stay in the U.S.

The federal government has struggled to process and accommodate the influx of illegal human traffic but specifically the spike in children. They don’t have enough beds, food or sanitary facilities.

A year from Senate passage, foes, advocates of immigration reform battle on

U.S. authorities estimate that between 60,000 to 80,000 children without parents will cross the border this year in what the White House is calling an “immediate humanitarian crisis.”

Earlier in June, the White House announced a plan to spend millions in a government-wide response by sending aide to governments in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to help with crime and violence prevention.

In mid-June, Vice President Joe Biden also spoke with leaders in the three countries as well as Mexico about working together to promote security.

Rand Paul on immigration: GOP trapped in word 'amnesty'

Biden’s objective was to emphasize that adults arriving with their children in the United States don’t meet the requirements for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which defers deportation for children brought to the United States before June 15, 2012.

Obama also spoke with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto about the issue and has warned families who see the dangerous trip as the best option for their children.

“Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it,” Obama said to ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Clinton blasts opponents of immigration reform</a>

The White House will also ask Congress to ensure that the administration has the authority it deems necessary to effectively use these funds. That includes expanded authority for Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in processing the return and removal of unaccompanied minor children and increased penalties for individuals who smuggle minors across the border.

CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta contributed to this report.

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  1. Maggie

    Pack 'em up and send 'em back. For those of us who came legally, I am disgusted they may be allowed to stay. Pay your way!!!

    June 29, 2014 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  2. Gammar

    It is obvious that immigration reform is badly needed. But the Republicans/right-wingers only hear the word "amnesty" when the issue is raised. Even Rand Paul knows that is nonsense. For once I agree with him.

    June 29, 2014 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  3. SFE

    This is job for the military. We need to secure the border against and and all threats be they terrorists or ILLEGAL immigrants. Bring them home from Iraq and Afghanistan and put em to work on the border. The threat to the USA is every bit as real and imminent at our borders as it is in the Middle East.

    June 29, 2014 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  4. ghost

    For thosw pverty cases tbey sure do have expensive veicles right mabey it is comming from a family member someone is taking the risk must be fun exchangin property cooperation must be making money somewere right ,heap labor no borders we will just pretend

    June 29, 2014 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  5. David

    And the Mexican government gets a free pass, and well as the immigrants, for not addressing this issue?
    Why hasn't the Obama administration tasked our diplomatic corp to demand action and reparations?
    How much border security would two billion pay for?
    How many return trip bus tickets?
    This makes the Cuban exodus seem like a weekend family outing.

    June 29, 2014 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  6. Anonymous

    This country will NEVER be able to get our southern border much more secure than it is. Mexicans, and others coming up from Mexico are just too darned good at figuring out ingenious ways to get across. More money will not make a difference. I would like to hear from someone wHo works for Border Patrol respond to this post, or someone who has direct knowleDGe of how things on our southern border.

    June 29, 2014 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  7. Don

    Obama is helping the democratic party get more Latino votes by doing this. I hope the Congress does NOT approve this money. Obama should be impeached for not protecting the borders and for the scandal and lies he has committed.

    June 29, 2014 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  8. Gators

    Great, more money out of taxpayers' pockets to deal with border jumpers from the cesspool that is Latin America.

    June 29, 2014 06:06 pm at 6:06 pm |
  9. Jj

    How much taxpayer money will this America hating liberal throw away?

    June 29, 2014 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  10. Some random Iraq Vet...

    I would like to know why I keep having these chronic migraines... But the VA isn't doing very much, and the illegal kids at the border have priority...

    June 29, 2014 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  11. Anthony

    It's time to go to war with Mexico.

    June 29, 2014 06:07 pm at 6:07 pm |
  12. Erick

    Send these children back to where they belong

    June 29, 2014 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |

    Let's not fund Obama's Cloward Piven pursing strategies any longer.

    June 29, 2014 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  14. hkirwin

    Jill Green

    Oh,but they can't be sent back.Because of some stupid law Bush passed.Is there no en to the damage these last two presidents are going to cause this country.

    Unlike Obama, Bush didn't not pass the law you quote, the Democrat Congress did.That law is very narrow and only a few used it. Obama passed an executive order that creayed the current situation where no child under the age oe 16 can be deported. Children are starting to arrive even from China. Nancy Piglosi stated that this is a good thing. Point the finger or blame where it belongs....OBAMA!

    June 29, 2014 06:09 pm at 6:09 pm |
  15. Anonymous

    Thanks o for stealing even more money from us and squandering it

    June 29, 2014 06:09 pm at 6:09 pm |
  16. David

    And you can count on the parents of these children will not be far behind..

    June 29, 2014 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  17. Name Randy

    But if US citizens cross into MEXICO there sent to prison. When is this going too stop they know what there doing and our Goverment is letting them. Please someone in 16 run for President and get this county straighten out. Hell it's already fills like your in MEXICO here already. The US was once a great nation now were the joke and our President letting it get worse. The Mexican Goverment is behind all this too

    June 29, 2014 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  18. Tyler

    He can take some of his vacation money and put it towards that $2 billion.

    June 29, 2014 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  19. ghastly

    Jesus loves the little children.......all the children of the world.......

    June 29, 2014 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  20. Apanda

    Depends on what he plans to do with the money. Exactly what and how will it be spent. Now if he;s going to use say $1 Billion to complete the fence along the entire border and do that in the next 18 months, , and say another $500 million to hire more border guards , and the rest to deport immediately those who are caught , then i'm ok with the the extra money. However , if he's going to use it on feel good , take care of everyone type programs , then NO.

    June 29, 2014 06:10 pm at 6:10 pm |
  21. msd250

    for all that voted for this disgrace of a president: hope and change.........

    June 29, 2014 06:11 pm at 6:11 pm |
  22. Shedevil

    Not only No but HELL NO ! SECURE THE BORDER !!!!!!

    June 29, 2014 06:11 pm at 6:11 pm |
  23. Michael Jackson

    I will adopt one of these kids.

    June 29, 2014 06:12 pm at 6:12 pm |
  24. Jessica McGwin

    This is a button issue for me. When I tell my family and friends to stay away from the on button, they all know that this button makes me exploded, like a fire breathing dragon packed with TNT and condensed liquid nitrogen. When as I have seen where these children end up in the black market, as a MOM I can not even begin to describe the ungodly destination of these children.

    First how do we secure the boarder? Well we can not use the Marine Corps on US soil. So the already stretched thin National Guard will have to in camp the length of the Southern Boarder. 2000 from each state. Boarder Patrol will be responsible for taking the lead on tactical formations.
    The FBI, DEA and DHS will be responsible for gathering intelligence on the children and adults stopped at the boarder. The children I want to know how many have been used as mules. As well as the Adults traveling with infants. The Southern Boarder have been used as a turn key operation for traffickers of all types for far to long. The GDP of Salvadorean countries is 28 % in cocaine production. Most addicts in America do not stop to think before they snort their way through college that a child 5 or 6 yrs old had the same coke shoved into their large intestine impacted and will suffer for the rest of their natural lives with sever bowel issues even after surgery to repair the damage. I guess it is a mode killer for the party.
    Boarder patrol is an issue. "over worked" Under Paid" and some long standing corruption. With the National Guard we can rotate out personnel so that we are able to eliminate agents working both sides. Do not leave them in long enough to build a contact base. Keep them moving. Maybe we can get back to the task at hand.

    My husband dis agrees with me. As always. Once the boarder is secured. We still have thousands of children not just abandon by their country but Mexico dropping them off cause they do not want to deal with it. Just like the neighbor watch my kids i'll be back. Happens in Texas every day. Illegals just drop their kids off at the neighbors, never pay for babysitting, then rob your house as soon as they see you leave. Texas tell me it is not so?
    Because they have been Abandon than they should be place up for adoption by US born Citizen. Only the children currently in custody will be elegable for Adoption. Any children that arrive beyond the cut date will be sent back to their country of origin.
    Any children Adopted by US born citizens the biological parents and the country of origin have no right to the child. Closed Adoptions.
    As far as the other entry ports such as New York, Washington, Florida Any Sea Board will fall to the responsibility of the Coast Guard with the US Navy providing defense and relief staff. The CIA will take lead on the intelligence in the Sea Shores and will be over seen by the NIA. DHS will report to the Commander and Chief on US soil operations and the NIA will report on or Sea shores. Any found to break protocol or breach the command orders will face the full extent of the UCMJ no wavers no exceptions.

    June 29, 2014 06:12 pm at 6:12 pm |
  25. rosethornne

    Obama won't do anything about the borders! Traitor! Bengaaaazzziiiiii!!
    Obama wants to do something about the borders! Traitor! Bengaaaazzziiiiiii!!

    – Republican logic –

    June 29, 2014 06:13 pm at 6:13 pm |
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