July 1st, 2014
06:08 PM ET
9 years ago

Obama to Republicans: 'So sue me'

(CNN) - President Barack Obama dared Republicans to follow through on their threats to bring a lawsuit against his administration over his use of executive action.

"Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me," Obama said Tuesday at an event in Washington.

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"As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something."

Obama’s defiant attitude comes as House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, plans to propose legislation that could bring a lawsuit against him for implementing executive actions that the GOP contends amounts to a breach of his constitutional power by side-stepping the legislative process.

Obama: Boehner's lawsuit is 'a stunt'

Recently, Obama has ramped up his use of executive authority as a way to bypass a deeply divided Congress, avoiding inaction on issues the White House has made hallmarks of the President's second term agenda.

On Monday, Obama said he would start "a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own, without Congress."

Poll: Can Obama get the job done?

At Tuesday's event, Obama continued to harp on congressional Republicans to pass legislation - this time pushing them to invest in transportation.

Standing in front of Key Bridge, which connects the city's Georgetown-area to Virginia, Obama continued his stepped-up rhetoric hammering Republican for obstructing action in Washington.

A fundraising first for Obama

Obama proposed a long-term highway construction bill earlier this year that he says would spur job growth.

"It’s not crazy, it’s not socialism," Obama said of his transportation proposal. "It’s not the imperial presidency - no laws are broken. We’re just building roads and bridges like we’ve been doing for the last, I don’t know, 50, 100 years. But so far, House Republicans have refused to act on this idea."

CNN's Mike Ahlers and Rene Marsh contributed to this report.

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  1. guest

    First of all, it says in the constitution that no member of congress nor our president can be sued for anything that they say. Second of all, I think if it comes to this the Supreme Court will step in just like they did with Obama's recess appointment of a candidate he knew would not get the support of congress and declare it unconstitutional. Now this is Congress stepping over their constitutional bounds but President Obama stepped over it first.

    July 2, 2014 02:29 am at 2:29 am |
  2. little dave

    I am so proud of our president, and so glad he is our president right now. If Mitt Romney or John McCain had won, we'd be at war in Syria, Iraq, and Iran right now. The Republicans' inability to get over the results of the last two presidential elections will stand as one of history's greatest tragic flaws, and it has not served the American people in any aspect. I don't think they will ever win a national election again, but that might just be wishful thinking.

    July 2, 2014 02:35 am at 2:35 am |
  3. J.V.hodgson

    Obama missed a chance here with his so sue me comment. If the premise he breached his oath of office to uphold the law that's a constitutional provision and act and the correct course is too impeach.
    That said I don't see congress being able to get past the standing argument anyway to bring any such sue based lawsuit you have to prove damage to the party in the Lawsuit as plaintiff.
    This kind of lawsuit any way would take years and be a dreadful waste of government money, I'd also therefore have challenged Boehner by asking where he was going to get the offset funding from?

    July 2, 2014 02:37 am at 2:37 am |
  4. bObama

    I just want the public to know it's a black thing. And don't tell me that's what congress has been for decades and decades–to make sure ideas are argued!!!!

    July 2, 2014 02:38 am at 2:38 am |
  5. Sergio Casselli

    It's time to get rid of this moron! Obama must be the most stupid president we've ever had, but his followers are worst, 'cause they can see what he's doing is bad, really bad, and nothing he's done has actually worked, but they keep trying to justify his incompetence... It's amazing how much stupidity can be found among Obama supporters, and Obama himself. It would be nice if the "imbecile" stayed on vacation all year long...

    July 2, 2014 02:38 am at 2:38 am |
  6. Vence

    Do nothing congress is pathetic!!

    July 2, 2014 02:41 am at 2:41 am |
  7. Nicholas Gordon

    Shame on congress for not working with our President to help improve our country. You may not agree with him, but for the sake of the country, at least work with him. I cannot remember a time of such congressional inaction. Frankly it is embarrassing. Way to go to President Obama for not letting Republicans hold back progress.

    July 2, 2014 02:42 am at 2:42 am |
  8. Jessy

    If Republicans are giving Obama a hard time for signing executive orders, I hate to see how Franklin D. Roosevelt had to handle his opponents. FDR did like, what? 2,000 executive orders?

    July 2, 2014 02:42 am at 2:42 am |
  9. Mark

    Our president has guts. The GOP are a bunch of bible tumping, wimps!!! The orange one is worried that the pee party will oust him and that's why he's trying to look tought.

    July 2, 2014 02:42 am at 2:42 am |
  10. rsimcox

    Since he's asking for it, I say sue him.

    July 2, 2014 02:44 am at 2:44 am |
  11. Sage

    Good for him. Tired of Congress and the Senate gridlocking everything. 'bout time we just had a King. Something goes wrong we know who to blame instead of a thousand clowns all pointing the finger at each other as they step away for vacation while everything's in shambles.

    July 2, 2014 02:45 am at 2:45 am |
  12. Matt Vraspir

    This is complete crap. I don't understand why Congressional Republicans just won't work with this man. They are really going to be having a hard time when Hillary steps into power. Can't wait! Hillary 2016!!

    July 2, 2014 02:48 am at 2:48 am |
  13. horseyak

    It's not socialism. It's not the imperial presidency. It's pathological narcissism. Obama bases his policy on whatever image he wants to project at any given moment. Get him out.

    July 2, 2014 02:50 am at 2:50 am |
  14. we

    Time to work together, but if the other half won't do their part, time to do what we can.

    July 2, 2014 02:50 am at 2:50 am |
  15. Fred

    Go for it, President Obama. It's about time!!!!

    July 2, 2014 02:52 am at 2:52 am |
  16. Joe

    He has some nads because if the Dems don't win and win BIG in November he is going to be impeached.

    July 2, 2014 02:53 am at 2:53 am |
  17. Key & Peele

    Dude has balls. First time in his administration he's seemed to have some.

    July 2, 2014 02:57 am at 2:57 am |
  18. Plotts

    Why is a bank propped up black president with the fed gov't targeting suburban white religious communities throughout our nation for prescription opioids.....why with the capabilities of the NSA and homeland cartel does the suburbs have a well infiltrated heroin ring and an endless supply...
    Why is the NSA helping local law enforcement to seine in a generation of children from suburbia for opioid addictions...
    Why did HSBC bank pay our Feds 2 billion dollars in drug money laundering?

    July 2, 2014 02:58 am at 2:58 am |
  19. Ted Testerson

    Good for him. I'm glad he grew a pair. Now I can't wait to watch Republicans get stupid and actually sue.

    July 2, 2014 03:00 am at 3:00 am |
  20. Lee Timotheos

    Way to go, Darth Sidious. Divide Congress and give yourself an opportunity to snatch more executive power.

    July 2, 2014 03:02 am at 3:02 am |
  21. Lee Timotheos

    Way to go, Darth Sidious. Divide Congress and give yourself an opportunity to grab more executive power.

    July 2, 2014 03:03 am at 3:03 am |
  22. Just Sayin'

    Six years in and this guy is STILL blaming Republicans for everything. Fortunately, more and more Americans are waking up to the rhetoric, hence Obama's poll numbers circling the bowl.

    July 2, 2014 03:04 am at 3:04 am |
  23. Dyango

    Well said Mr. President.

    July 2, 2014 03:05 am at 3:05 am |
  24. taurran

    Because no action is better than unconstitutional action of would-be despots.

    July 2, 2014 03:06 am at 3:06 am |
  25. we

    We r all on one team....no republican no Democrats...just us citizens.

    July 2, 2014 03:07 am at 3:07 am |
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