November 15th, 2011
08:01 PM ET
11 years ago

Senators say joint jobs bill has best chance of passing

(CNN) - As Congress continues to wrangle over jobs legislation, two senators from opposite sides of the aisle are introducing a more modest, bipartisan bill they hope will gain support from their colleagues.

Republican Marco Rubio of Florida and Democrat Chris Coons of Delaware, appearing on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” said the AGREE Act incorporated ideas from both Democratic and Republican lawmakers, as well as from President Barack Obama.

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November 15th, 2010
01:57 PM ET
12 years ago

Biden Advice to Coons: Don't Stay the Night

(CNN) - Senator-elect Chris Coons of Delaware, who will be sworn in later today to fill out the final four years of Joe Biden's Senate seat, got some advice Monday from the Vice President: don't spend the night in Washington.

"He said make it as physically uncomfortable as possible to spend the night," Coons recalled to a handful of reporters.

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November 2nd, 2010
11:18 PM ET
November 2nd, 2010
08:02 PM ET
12 years ago

In Delaware: CNN projects Democratic Sen. win

(CNN) - Democrat Chris Coons has beat out Tea Party-backed Republican nominee Christine O'Donnell in the race to fill Vice President Joe Biden's old U.S. Senate seat, CNN projects. Democratic Sen. Ted Kaufman, who replaced Biden, is retiring. Projections are based on CNN analysis of exit poll data.

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November 2nd, 2010
05:39 PM ET
12 years ago

Delaware Senate candidates make their final push

Dover, Delaware (CNN) - "Can I ask for your vote today? I want to fight to keep your taxes low," Christine O'Donnell told voters as they arrived to cast their ballots at Dover High School. O'Donnell the Republican nominee for the US Senate has been traversing the state today in an RV.

She began the morning casting her own vote in Wilmington before heading south. Three miles away Chris Coons the Democratic nominee walked into the voting booth with his young son to cast his vote. And at a third polling place a stone's throw away, Vice President Joe Biden returned to his home town to cast his vote before a throng of reporters.

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October 29th, 2010
11:59 AM ET
12 years ago

Poll shows surge for O'Donnell in Delaware

(CNN) - A surprising new Senate poll in Delaware shows Republican Christine O'Donnell may be in striking distance of Democrat Chris Coons.

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October 19th, 2010
01:01 PM ET
12 years ago

O'Donnell gets Coons for Constitutional Law 101

(CNN) – Christine O'Donnell received a lesson on the Constitution at Delaware's Widener Law School Tuesday, but unfortunately for the Republican Senate candidate it came during a debate with Democrat Chris Coons.

On the issue of whether creationism should be taught in public schools, a highly skeptical O'Donnell questioned Coon's assertion that the First Amendment calls for the separation of church and state.

"The First Amendment does?" O'Donnell asked during the Tuesday morning debate. "Let me just clarify: You're telling me that the separation of church and state is found in the First Amendment?"

Watch the heated interaction, after the jump:

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October 17th, 2010
05:28 PM ET
12 years ago

Collegians on O'Donnell and Coons: What debate? What witch?

Newark, Delaware (CNN) - The nation's comedians are following the Delaware Senate race, but are the state's college students doing so as well?

The campaign for Vice President Joe Biden's former Senate seat has gotten much attention in the weeks leading up to midterm elections on November 2, largely because of revelations about Republican Christine O'Donnell's past, including an old television clip where she said she had dabbled in witchcraft and questions about her financial and educational history.


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October 15th, 2010
01:09 PM ET
12 years ago

Obama and Biden to campaign in Delaware

(CNN) - President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden head to Delaware Friday to try and keep Biden's old Senate seat in Democratic party hands.

Obama and Biden will team up with New Castle County executive Chris Coons, the party's Senate nominee at a fundraiser in Wilmington. The trip is Biden's third visit to his home state to help Coon's bid.

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October 14th, 2010
09:37 AM ET
12 years ago

Coons: O'Donnell 'strayed from the truth' in debate

(CNN) - Delaware Democratic Senate nominee Chris Coons said he didn't hear much substance from opponent Christine O'Donnell in their debate Wednesday night.

"I mostly heard attacks, criticism, personal, catch slogans, but not a lot of real substance about what she would do moving forward," Coons told CNN's "American Morning" on Thursday.

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