June 5th, 2010
12:35 PM ET
11 years ago

Microsoft makes play to power campaigns

New York (CNN) - Microsoft took a big step Friday into the political arena, by partnering with ElectionMall.com to create a one-stop shop for running campaigns online.

The new partnership centers on “Campaign Cloud,” which helps campaigns launch their websites, manage ad buys and social networks, organize get out the vote efforts, and ease communications and collaboration between staff, donors and volunteers.

Stan Freck, Microsoft’s director of Cloud Computing described Campaign Cloud to CNN as “a central dashboard for unifying the core elements of [a] campaign. This includes access to Microsoft technologies but you can also snap in products from other companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google.

“Campaigns should be able to spend more time on what they know best - managing campaigns - and not managing technology.”

The technology is designed to be used by anyone running for office, from school board candidacies to congressional races or presidential campaigns.

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