February 18th, 2014
12:51 PM ET
9 years ago

Newt Gingrich to John Kerry: Resign

Updated 6:44 p.m. ET, 2/18/2014

Washington (CNN) - Newt Gingrich is amplifying his call for Secretary of State John Kerry to resign over his comments that climate change represents the biggest challenge “of our generation.”

"I think it's very troubling that our secretary of state … believes that climate change is a greater danger than a nuclear war," Gingrich said Tuesday in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on “The Situation Room.”


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December 20th, 2013
06:04 PM ET
9 years ago

How'd he do? CNN panel weighs in on Obama's year-end news conference

(CNN) - In his last news conference of 2013, President Barack Obama answered questions on the Affordable Care Act, including the botched rollout of Healthcare.gov as well as his health care promise that won Politifact's "Lie of the Year."

The President also talked about the NSA's controversial surveillance program, a congressional push for additional sanctions on Iran, and his New Year's resolution.

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December 7th, 2013
12:45 PM ET
9 years ago

Gingrich pushes back against Mandela critics

Updated 10:36 a.m. ET, 12/9/2013

Washington (CNN) - Newt Gingrich is fighting back against conservative critics who attacked the former Speaker of the House and co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" for his praise of Nelson Mandela.

After Mandela passed away Thursday, Gingrich posted a statement, praising him as "one of the greatest leaders of our lifetime."

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RNC chair: ‘Of course’ I’m supporting McConnell
December 3rd, 2013
07:58 PM ET
9 years ago

RNC chair: ‘Of course’ I’m supporting McConnell

Washington (CNN) - The head of the Republican National Committee waved off any suggestion he might not rally behind Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in his bid for reelection.

"Of course I'm going to support the leader of the Republican Party," Reince Priebus told the panel on CNN's "Crossfire" on Tuesday.


November 5th, 2013
09:42 AM ET
9 years ago

Newt Gingrich: Christie 'one of the top contenders' in 2016

(CNN) - Former House Speaker and CNN host Newt Gingrich says he sees New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as a major candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

Gingrich was on CNN's "New Day" Tuesday morning talking about the prospects and implications of the day's elections that include governors races in New Jersey and Virginia.

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Gingrich weighs in on Boehner, midterms and the 'Kardashian culture'
October 15th, 2013
02:59 PM ET
9 years ago

Gingrich weighs in on Boehner, midterms and the 'Kardashian culture'

Washington (CNN) – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday if House conservatives don't get their way in the congressional standoff over the budget and debt, they'll be more revved up to fight harder in the coming years, not fade away.

The 2012 GOP presidential candidate and co-host of CNN's "Crossfire" also predicted Obamacare will become the biggest political issue in next year's midterms, as well as the next presidential election.

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October 8th, 2013
08:18 AM ET
9 years ago

Gingrich to Obama: you have to negotiate

(CNN) - Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich once again called out President Barack Obama Tuesday for refusing to negotiate with congressional Republicans over raising the debt limit.

"The president ought to be getting off his high horse, sitting in a room, bringing in the congressional leadership and acting like he's part of the constitution, he's not above it," Gringrich told CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day."

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October 1st, 2013
07:03 PM ET
9 years ago

Boehner learned hard lesson in failed House coup

Washington (CNN) - Two things motivate House Speaker John Boehner in his showdown with Democrats and President Barack Obama, sources close to him say - one personal, one philosophical.

The personal one is evident through how he deals with his caucus of 232 Republicans, especially the unruly tea party group.

Gingrich shoots down U.S. Senate bid
September 24th, 2013
04:10 PM ET
9 years ago

Gingrich shoots down U.S. Senate bid

Updated 5:30 p.m. ET 9/24/2013

Washington (CNN) - Sorry, Newt Gingrich fans in Virginia. It looks like the former House speaker won't be running for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

His attorney issued a cease and desist letter, demanding a group of Gingrich supporters to stop using his likeness as they try to draft the former presidential candidate to run against Democratic Sen. Mark Warner in Virginia.

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September 20th, 2013
09:59 AM ET
9 years ago

Gingrich favors House Republican budget push on Obamacare

Washington (CNN) – Newt Gingrich, the man in the House speaker's seat during the last government shutdown more than 17 years ago, urged House Republicans Friday to push forward with their plan to pass a bill that keeps funding the government - but only as long as it defunds Obamacare.

His pitch comes despite calls from some Republicans, including Sen. John McCain and Rep. Peter King, who say taking such an approach could be damaging to the party and the country.

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