July 2nd, 2013
02:00 PM ET
7 years ago

Dennis Rodman, Nobel Laureate?

(CNN) – Former Chicago Bull's basketball player Dennis Rodman thinks he should be in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize following his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un earlier this year.

In Sports Illustrated's annual "Where Are They Now" issue, the hall of famer applauds Kim Jong Un for what could be called restraint on behalf of the reclusive leader. "Fact is, he hasn't bombed anywhere he's threatened to yet. Not South Korea, not Hawaii, not … whatever," Rodman said.

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Obama: 'North Korea has failed again'
May 7th, 2013
03:36 PM ET
7 years ago

Obama: 'North Korea has failed again'

Washington (CNN) - President Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday nuclear aggression from North Korea has further isolated the region and vowed to use all means to deter further provocations.

"If Pyongyang thought its recent threats would drive a wedge between South Korea and the United States or somehow garner the North international respect, today is further evidence that North Korea has failed again," Obama said during a joint press conference with the two leaders. "The United States and the Republic of Korea are as united as ever ... North Korea is more isolated than ever."

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April 14th, 2013
01:18 PM ET
7 years ago

Video: North Korea nuclear weapons 'a matter of time,' says McCain

(CNN) - Sen. John McCain tells Candy Crowley it's only "a matter of time" until North Korea has nuclear capability - if they don't have it already.

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April 11th, 2013
06:40 PM ET
7 years ago

U.N. chief's message to North Korean leader

(CNN) – Delivering a direct message to North Korea's young leader Thursday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Kim Jong Un to focus less on making threats against the United States, and more on improving conditions for his own people.

"I would strongly ask him to, first of all, refrain from taking any such provocative measures, which is clearly in violation against the Security Council resolution and against the expectation of the international community," Ban said during an exclusive appearance on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer."

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Cheney to GOP leaders: ‘We’re in deep doo doo’ on North Korea
April 9th, 2013
08:14 PM ET
7 years ago

Cheney to GOP leaders: ‘We’re in deep doo doo’ on North Korea

(CNN) – Republican leaders in Congress received a dire warning on Tuesday from former Vice President Dick Cheney on the ongoing crisis in North Korea.

“We’re in deep doo doo,” Cheney told lawmakers, according to a GOP leadership aide.

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April 8th, 2013
04:00 PM ET
7 years ago

CNN Poll: Worries about North Korean threat at all time high

Washington (CNN) - As North Korea increases its alarming threats against South Korea and the United States the past few weeks, a new national survey suggests that Americans are listening.

And a CNN/ORC International poll also indicates that for the first time, a majority of the public is pessimistic that the situation involving North Korea's missile program can be solved by diplomatic and economic means alone.

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April 7th, 2013
01:02 PM ET
7 years ago

VIDEO: Huntsman: China near boiling point with N. Korea

(CNN) - Former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman said Sunday China is likely reaching its boiling point with longtime ally North Korea.

"This is a huge opening, believe me, with China, because our interests for the first time in a long while are aligned," he said on CNN's "State of the Union." "We both want to get something done and bring the level of tension down on the Korean Peninsula."

March 31st, 2013
02:21 PM ET
7 years ago

House Homeland Security member: North Korea not bluffing

(CNN) - Rep. Peter King, former chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said Sunday that the recent provocative, warmongering rhetoric out of North Korea is no "empty threat."

He qualified that by explaining he does not fear the North launching a successful attack on the U.S. mainland, but is concerned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "is trying to establish himself ... trying to be the tough guy," and may "box himself in" and need to display some level of military might.

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Obama to make first visit to Korean demilitarized zone
March 21st, 2012
07:37 AM ET
8 years ago

Obama to make first visit to Korean demilitarized zone

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) - President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the demilitarized zone that splits the Korean Peninsula in two for the first time on Sunday.

His planned visit to the heavily fortified border is part of a three-day trip to South Korea to participate in a summit meeting about nuclear security in Seoul.


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BLITZER’S BLOG: Nervous about North Korea
January 2nd, 2012
01:51 PM ET
9 years ago

BLITZER’S BLOG: Nervous about North Korea

Atlanta (CNN) – Even while I’m here at the CNN Election Center in Atlanta getting ready for the Iowa caucuses, I’m hearing disturbing murmurings from my national security sources in Washington about North Korea.

They clearly don’t know what the new leadership in Pyongyang is going to do but they are bracing for a possible provocation on the Korean peninsula.


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