December 1st, 2010
10:59 AM ET
12 years ago

Source: No new drilling in Gulf for seven years

(CNN) - A senior administration official confirms that President Obama will not be allowing new drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for at least seven years. This is a result of the BP oil spill.

The official said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will hold a call on this news at 1:30pm today.

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July 16th, 2009
02:11 PM ET
11 years ago

A Marine One first: An all-female crew

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" Major Jennifer Grieves is the first Marine One female pilot."]WASHINGTON (CNN) - The woman that shattered Marine One's glass rotors, got a special honor on the last day of her rotation as pilot: an all female crew.

Major Jennifer Grieves is the first Marine One female pilot. Her achievement was marked as she landed on the South Lawn of the White House to pick up the President.

The White House press office says Major Grieves, who was designated a "Marine One" pilot in May 2008, has also flown former President Bush.

The two helicopters that always accompany Marine One appeared to fly a special formation on arrival.

President Obama, who is on his way to New Jersey and then on to New York to address the NAACP, saluted crew chief Sergeant Rachel Sherman, then boarded Marine One, where he briefly chatted with Major Grieves and shook her hand.

Co-pilot Major Jennifer Marino was the third member of the all-female crew.

Marine One pilots routinely rotate in and out of the squadron.

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November 4th, 2008
07:34 AM ET
14 years ago

Machine break down causes slow start in Richmond, VA

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" Paper ballots are now being used in Richmond after complaints that none were available."]
RICHMOND (VA) – Voting machine problems at the Math and Science Center in Richmond have forced the county to switch to paper ballots at the location.

Watch: Early voting in Virginia

The board of elections tells CNN the location is using paper ballots after five of seven machines broke down. Callers to the CNN Hotline originally said there were no paper ballots. But the Board of Elections now says they have started using the ballots and are in the process of deploying more equipment.

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November 3rd, 2008
06:50 PM ET
14 years ago

Misleading calls in Virginia caused by computer glitch

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Officials from the Virginia State Board of Elections said a computer glitch gave people the wrong information."](CNN) – Sometimes what seems like a political “dirty trick” is just a simple mistake.

The Virginia State of Board Elections issued a “Rumor Buster” press release Monday in response to reports of misleading robo-calls from multiple locations across the state.

But it turns out that the misinformation was just an accident caused by a computer glitch. “The technology, God bless technology, was incorrectly giving people their polling precincts,” Jean Cunningham, chair of the Virginia State Board of Elections, told CNN Monday. “Highly sophisticated software that went amok.”

Cunningham also told CNN that, in addition to the “Rumor Buster,” corrective phone calls were being made to everyone who received one of the incorrect automated calls.

If you live in Virginia, click here to search for your polling place on the state board’s Web site.

CNN will be tracking voter problems through Election Day. If you have a problem or see a problem, call the CNN Voter Hotline at 877-462-6608. See what issues are a concern in each state by clicking on the interactive Hotline map at

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November 3rd, 2008
04:11 PM ET
14 years ago

Update: No charges in fake VA flyer case

(CNN) – Virginia State Police have decided not to file charges against the individual who created and circulated a flyer with incorrect information about the date for voting in this week’s presidential election.

“After a thorough investigation into the origins of a fake election flyer that began circulating in the Hampton Roads region last week, the Virginia State Police have determined no criminal activity occurred and no charges will be filed,” a press release issued Monday said.

The flyer incorrectly stated that Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters should vote November 4 and that Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents should vote November 5. The flyer claims that the separate dates for voting by party were enacted by the Virginia legislature to ease the strain on the polls during high turnout that is expected Tuesday.

But that information is incorrect. Polls in Virginia are open Tuesday, November 4 for everyone, regardless of party affiliation or political leanings.

The Virginia State Police said in a statement that they had determined the flyer had not been created in order to deceive voters. “The flyer has been evaluated as an ‘office joke’ and was not intended as a means of a misinformation campaign targeting registered voters,” they said. The department noted, however, that circulating incorrect information to voters is against the law in Virginia.

CNN will be tracking voter problems through Election Day. If you have a problem or see a problem, call the CNN Voter Hotline at 877-462-6608. See what issues are a concern in each state by clicking on the interactive Hotline map at

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October 30th, 2008
02:34 PM ET
14 years ago

NAACP stands down over Virginia election prep

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Gov. Sarah Palin campaigned in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Monday."]
(CNN) – The Virginia NAACP’s lawsuit alleging lack of sufficient preparation for Tuesday’s election is on hold, CNN has learned.

The civil rights group has withdrawn its request for a preliminary injunction that would have required the federal government to step in and take over administration of next week’s election - including extending voting hours and reallocating voting machines.

The request for federal intervention was withdrawn after Virginia state officials provided new information about its preparations for what is expected to be record turnout across the state next Tuesday.

In a press release issued Thursday, the Virginia State Board of Elections detailed significant increases in resources since the last presidential election.

“Since 2004, nearly 300 additional polling places have been added or changed” to help alleviate long lines, the statement said. The state is also set to deploy 30,000 people to act as poll workers or alternates and, since 2004, Virginia has increased the number of voting machines by 77 percent – from 5,989 to 10,600.

Virginia has already received more than 310,000 absentee ballots for next week’s election, a figure that represents more than the total number of absentee ballots cast in 2004, according to the state board’s release.

The Virginia NAACP has not formally dismissed its lawsuit but the group tells CNN it has no plans to pursue the case. The group filed the lawsuit earlier this week out of concern that areas in the state with significant African-American populations had not been allocated sufficient resources to have a smooth voting process next Tuesday.

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October 24th, 2008
06:03 PM ET
14 years ago

What not to wear to the polls on Election Day

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Wearing a T-shirt like this one may cause you a problem at the polls in November."]
ARLINGTON, Virginia (CNN) - Campaign paraphernalia is everywhere nowadays. People are sporting T-shirts, hats and pins touting their candidate of choice. But wearing your political allegiances can cause a problem at the polls.

In some states, what you wear to the voting booth could determine whether you are allowed to vote or be sent home to change.

Full story

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