September 17th, 2010
08:43 AM ET
11 years ago

Candidate sends stinky message

New York (CNN) - Whew!! Something stinks! But before you run to take out the trash, check the stack of mail you just carried inside.

A few thousand New York household received an odoriferous gift in the mail from Carl Paladino, the Republican nominee for governor – and it doesn't smell like roses.

Paladino's campaign mailed out garbage-scented fliers declaring "Something Stinks in Albany" and featuring photos of seven New York Democrats whose political careers were marred by scandal.

"It's basically a folder and then when you open it, when the oxygen hits the card the stink starts," Paladino explained to Anderson Cooper on "AC360" Thursday night.

"The longer you keep it open the worse the stink gets. That's our analogy of Albany," he added.

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April 1st, 2009
05:03 AM ET
12 years ago

N.Y. House Race not yet decided

New York (CNN) - The special election for an empty Congressional seat in upstate New York has now turned into a dead heat with only a few votes separating the candidates on Tuesday night.

The race to fill the vacant House of Representative seat of democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will be a close call.

When the final numbers were reported from all 610 precincts in the 20th Congressional District in upstate New York, Democrat Scott Murphy led his rival, Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, a Republican, with just 65 votes. In all Murphy had 77,344 votes and Tedisco had 77, 279 votes.

"No one has claimed victory," said John Conklin Director of Information for the New York State Board of Elections. There are still 10,000 absentee ballots to be counted and only 6,000 have been sent back to the board. He explained the local absentee ballots have until April 7th to be sent in and military or overseas ballots have until April 13th to be sent in.

According to Conklin late Tuesday night Republicans filed a lawsuit to have all of the absentee ballots impounded.

It could take up to 2 weeks for a winner to be announced.


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