Graham insists he did not reveal classified drone info
February 20th, 2013
09:19 PM ET
10 years ago

Graham insists he did not reveal classified drone info

(CNN) - A U.S. senator insists he did not reveal any secrets when he publicly mentioned the number of people killed in drone strikes overseas.

Republican Lindsey Graham told an audience in Easley, South Carolina, on Tuesday that the little-discussed drone program had killed 4,700 people, according to a report by Easley Patch website editor Jason Evans.


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May 3rd, 2010
05:14 PM ET
13 years ago

U.S. reveals number of nuclear warheads it has

Washington (CNN) - The United States has 5,113 nuclear warheards in its current stockpile and many thousands more that have been retired and are awaiting dismantling, according to a senior defense official.

The release of the number of warheads marks only the second time in U.S. history the government has released the once top secret information.

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September 8th, 2008
01:50 PM ET
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Vet group calls for investigation into Track Palin's deployment

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[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Track Palin is supposed to deploy to Iraq on Thursday ."]

(CNN) - A liberal veterans group called Monday for an official investigation into media discussion of Track Palin’s deployment to Iraq — prompting a Defense Department response that there had been no irregularities involved, and would be no investigation.

“Numerous outlets have reported the date and location of Palin's deployment, which compromises operational security,” said Vote Vets in a statement. “The source of the leaks would be acting in violation of the law, and putting troops at unnecessary risk, and could be prosecuted.”

But the kind of information the group is referring to is typically publicly released by the Defense Department well in advance of a unit’s deployment. And the date of Palin’s upcoming deployment has been referred to numerous times by his mother, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, on the campaign trail.

"There is no violation of operational security,” said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. “DoD tells the public when we rotate a brigade into Iraq or Afghanistan."

There was no word from the Pentagon on whether there had been any requests for special consideration in Track Palin’s case. Earlier this year, John McCain asked the media not to report the precise date and time his son Jack would be returning from Iraq until he was back in the United States, a request that was honored by all major news organizations.

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