FORTUNE: Mitch Daniels tips his presidential hand
May 13th, 2011
12:56 PM ET
10 years ago

FORTUNE: Mitch Daniels tips his presidential hand

FORTUNE - Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels still hasn't decided whether he's running for president, but he knows time is running out. "I have to make a decision within a few weeks," he said in an exclusive interview with Fortune.

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Of the many possible Republican contenders, Daniels has attracted the most speculation because his success fixing Indiana's fiscal mess positions him best to address the nation's looming debt crisis. Pundits, including Time magazine's Joe Klein and the New York Times' David Brooks, have publicly urged him to run, and many Republicans have beseeched him privately. He has said he'd make no decision until after the Indiana legislature concluded its session - which it did at the end of April - and the demands of fundraising probably require that any candidate declare his or her intentions by June. So Daniels knows the clock is ticking.


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